Mobile Tennis Betting

The fast pace of tennis makes it an incredibly exciting game to bet on, and Australians love trying to predict who will emerge a winner. Whilst some games or tournaments may have a clear cut winner from the first set, many matches are completely unpredictable and will keep punters on the edge of their seat till the last serve. Mobile tennis betting has made it even easier to access this grand slam action and there are a number of recommended apps and compatible bookmakers listed here for your convince.

If you want to get in on all the action, excitement and entertainment you simply need to select a mobile tennis betting app or site that suits you, register and start wagering to win. Thanks to the accessibility of mobile betting you can check up on stats, compare odds or place tennis bets whenever you choose, wherever you desire, and all you need is smartphone or tablet with an internet connection to get started.

Global Mobile Tennis Bets

The Australian Open is one of the most popular tournaments for local punters, but there are also a huge number of international events that can be bet on using your mobile. You can choose to indulge your national pride and patriotism by betting on local matches and players that have the home court advantage or you can broaden your horizons by choosing to punt on international events such as Wimbledon and the French Open.

Wagering on the outcome of tournaments is a very popular form of tennis betting as punters can bet on a player’s performance over time, and often long shot tennis bets placed during these events can result in some serious wins. Betting on a single match does however see a much faster result and Australians are always keen on the excitement factor that’s heightened by a player’s determination to beat their opponent, and these matches can be nail biting, especially when a large punt is placed.

Being able to bet on your mobile has made tennis betting so much simpler and you’ll never miss the chance to wager on a match simply because you couldn’t get to your computer or the bookies office on time. You can simply log in to your online account using your mobile, place your tennis bets and wait to see whether your prediction makes you a winner.

Start Betting on Tennis

The variety of tournaments and matches that Australians can place tennis bets on makes this type of punting more appealing, and the number of categories available is even more enticing. Singles, doubles, men’s and woman’s  and mixed doubles categories are all open to punts, and this sport offers plenty of tennis betting options that can be enjoyed on the go.

With tennis betting being such a popular pastime it’s easy to see why the mobile option has garnered so many Australian fans and the abundance of betting opportunities adds to this sports appeal. Punters can choose from match bets, outright bets, lay and set tennis bets, as well as a number of other punts and the chances of a win could be just a tap of the screen away. Picking an outright winner, choosing winners from each match of a tournament or trying to determine who will win a certain set are all great fun, and to add a twist to punting some bookmakers even take tennis bets on who will lose a tournament rather than win.

Australia has produced some of the most famous tennis players and with big names like Pat Cash, Mark Woodforde and Olivia Rogowska having made a huge impact on courts across the globe; it’s easy to see why tennis betting has such a huge following. With mobile betting sites, betting on tennis games and tourneys is so much simpler and punters can enjoy the freedom and convenience of placing tennis bets whenever and wherever they require.