Mobile Rugby Betting

Australia has proved time and again that it is one of the world’s top rugby nations. Something of a national obsession, the game attracts players, fans and punters in droves.

You can join thousands of other punters who enjoy fantastic opportunities to win by placing real money rugby bets on local and international matches and tournaments. To enjoy Rugby betting, you won’t need to visit a land-based bookmaker or be near a laptop or PC.

Simply sign up as a punter at a top mobile sports betting site, or download the apps for devices such as Android or iPhone, and you can enjoy first class betting action at your convenience. You’ll also be able to fund your account on the go, using a range of secure banking methods.

Place Rugby Bets and Win

Two forms of rugby have become popular in Australia and some other rugby-loving countries around the world. Both offer action, excitement, and the chance to get your hands on a great payout.

Mobile Rugby betting will let you bet on both Rugby League and Rugby Union games. The difference between the two is usually down to duration of play.

Rugby League matches are generally faster, and with matches that usually feature about 50 minutes of playing time. Rugby Union matches tend to be a little slower than League matches, and feature about 35 minutes of playing time.

Regardless of whether you place rugby bets on League or Union games using your mobile device, you’ll be able to enjoy great betting options, better odds, and real time betting as well.

Rugby Betting Options

The best Australian mobile betting sites offer an amazing range of Rugby betting options, from straight bets to exotic bets. This allows for incredible scope when it comes to wagering at your leisure.

The best betting action takes place during tournaments, when punters place anything from straightforward match win bets to exotic tournament win bets, point spread bets, Man of the Match bets, and more.

Similar rugby bets can be placed on Sevens and Club rugby, which tend to feature more local than international teams. Bet on specific players, on the team to make the first try, or even on specific players.

Rugby Betting Tips

The most important aspect of successful Rugby betting is choosing the best player or team on which to place money. It sometimes happens that one’s favourite team is not necessarily the team with the best rugby betting odds, and so this form of betting sometimes requires a level of emotional detachment.

While going with your gut feeling certainly has its place, this should be backed up with knowledge of the player’s or teams’ recent game history. Consider the game statistics available at most top mobile bookmakers, as well as commentary and game analysis by sports commentators and former players.

Start Mobile Rugby Betting

Open a punter account today, and start enjoying the freedom of using your mobile device for Rugby betting. You will be able to decide when, where and how you place rugby bets, and you’ll be able to fund your account when it suits you.

Use methods such as bank transfers, credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa, debit cards such as Maestro or Electron, or e-wallets such as PayPal or Skrill to make secure Australian Dollar deposits at your convenience.

Increase the excitement of watching rugby by putting money on top games now.