Mobile Racing Betting

A day out at the races is a traditional Australian activity, but it is not always possible in the busy modern world of today. Remote betting, both online and mobile, is often the perfect solution for busy enthusiasts who can’t get to the track and racing betting in this way is winning over more bettors all the time. You can wager on several different types of races, all of which are popular and well-represented at the respected Australian betting sites reviewed her. If you are considering placing some mobile wagers on the races, read out guidelines here first.

Racing Betting Events

Every different kind of racing has its own challenges and rewards, and there is a place in the Australian heart for them all. Horse racing is still the most popular betting arena in the country, generating a massive $14 billion AUD in annual revenue. With many of the most exciting and popular horse races, including the Victoria Derby, Cox Plate, Melbourne Cup, Crown Oaks Fay, Caulfield Cup and others, being held in Australia this is not really that surprising,

Harness racing, involving trotters and pacers going head to head in exciting matchups, is equally popular with favourite events including the Australian Trotting Championship and the Victoria Cup.

Greyhound racing betting is another Australian classic that has proven just as popular in the digital betting arena, and there is something really thrilling about waiting for the results of these mad chases around the track to come in. This is especially true when one of the hounds actually captures the lure. This is quite rare and is usually due to a mechanical breakdown, but it can really spice up a day’s events.

Finally, you can enjoy some fantastic auto race betting with Australian mobile betting. Initially modelled on American NASCAR races, these have really evolved and developed a genuine Australian flair and flavour. There are some great domestic AUSCAR and NASCAR events to bet on, and you can also look further afield and put money down on events around the world.

Possibilities with Racing Bets

One of the reasons that racing betting is so popular in Australia is that there is such a wide and diverse range of wagers that can be placed on the events. After you have spent some time investigating and discovering the options, which is enjoyable in itself, you will find which types of available bets are most beneficial to you. The more you punt and become familiar with the complexities of betting on races, the more you will be able to place canny wagers and the more confidence you will have to explore more exotic options like selecting multiple finishers. No matter what stage your wagering development is at you will find bets to suit you and with the carious racing categories all having their own seasons you will always be able to find something exciting to wager on. Racing enthusiasts never want for entertainment.

Best Bets in Racing

If you are looking for instant thrills and great rewards, the world of mobile racing betting could be perfect for you. Our guidelines here have only just scratched the surface of what will be available at your fingertips, and we encourage you to immerse yourself and explore as much as you can starting with the more specific guidelines we provide on the different racing types and our site reviews. We are here to help with every step of your betting adventures.