Mobile NFL Betting

The National Football League, or NFL, of America is highly respected all over the world and has maintained strict standards for the games for many years. The efforts of the League mean that anyone playing, watching or betting on the matches enjoys the best in American football. While the NFL is based in the United States, it has a large following in Australia and with today’s technological advances you can put money on the games from several online and mobile betting sites in Australia. To learn more about NFL betting on your mobile, check out our guide below.

NFL Bets Options

One of the reasons betting on the NFL is so popular in Australia is the many NFL betting options that bookmakers offer on the League. As always, before you put any of your hard-earned money down you should gather as much data as possible including commentators’ opinions, recent histories and all statistics and odds. As you punt more and become more familiar with the NFL bets you will find the ones that work for you. To get you started, we have listed the basic offerings below.

  • Single bets are placed on single events’ outcomes. These are very simple and a great starting point for new players. They are so easy and lucrative that experienced punters actually often also prefer them.
  • The more advanced Multi Single bets allow you to pool all your single wagers together. This differs from a Parlay in that all wagers are still individually processed. For added dynamism you can also add single bets from other markets to your NFL blend. The software for these NFL bets is really superb and helps you manage your betting effectively, even allowing you to set differing amounts for each line.
  • Actual Parlay bets are also popular and allow you to place up to twelve bets at a time. They are all treated as one, so they all need to win before you are paid out. The high risks on theses wagers are matched by their high rewards.
  • Round Robins are specialised Parlays involving at least three sets in parlays with two teams going against each other.
  • Teaser bets are also Parlay variations, where the lines of games are adjusted so that the likelihood of beneficial outcomes is increased. While this does mean you have more advantage, your potential payouts are lessened to compensate for this.
  • An If bet is triggered if a preceding punt is won, making it a safe choice because each wager’s overall risk profile is lowered.
  • Reverse bets are very popular in the world of NFL betting. In these NFL bets you need to name the teams you think will place first and second in the League. Since the order doesn’t matter, there is less risk.
  • You can also buy points for the side you support on a Pointspread game, effectively reducing the handicap of the team you favour.

Best NFL Betting Sites

The more you NFL bets, the more you will improve and enjoy NFL betting. You will get out what you put in, and will have great fun doing it at the respected mobile Australian mobile betting sites we have reviewed for you.