Mobile Horse Betting

Horse racing has been around for almost as long as humanity itself, and along with this exciting equestrian event comes the fine tradition of Horse betting. In the past, punters were limited to the local bookmaker or visiting the race track to place wagers, but the advent of mobile sports betting has changed all that.

Now, you can bet on the horses any time of the day or night. Enjoy top quality betting action while at home, at the office, or out and about.

By opening a punter account at one of Australia’s top mobile bookmakers, and by downloading the horse betting app for iPhone or Android, you can enjoy 24 hour access to local daily races, as well as top international horse racing events.

These great Horse betting sites offer up to date results, the latest odds, and information about horses and jockeys. This means you can make informed horse bets and increase your chances of a payout.

You will also be able to make secure AUD deposits and withdraw your winnings at your convenience.

Horse Bets Options

Mobile Horse betting gives punters a vast array of horse betting options, including straight bets, exotic bets, and multi bets. Many successful punters know that one of the secrets to putting money on the horses is to be creative with horse bets.

Among the simpler, straight bets are Win bets, in which the bet is placed on the horse the punter thinks will win; Place horse bets, in which the wager is placed on a horse to finish in second, third, and sometimes fourth or fifth place; and Each Way bets, which are a combination of Win and Place bets.

Some of the exotic bets available to punters in Australia are Exacta, in which money is placed on horses to place first and second, in order; Quinella, in which the wager is placed on horses to place first and second, regardless of order; First Four, in which the bet is placed on horses to place first, second, third, and fourth; and Trifecta, in which money is placed on horses to finish first, second, and third, in order.

Mobile Horse betting also offers great multi bet options. Some of these are Doubles, in which a punter bets on two different races for the win, in order; Trebles, in which a punter horse bets on three different races for the win; and Parlay, or Accumulators or All Ups, in which punters bet on horses to win in a series of races.

All of these exciting horse betting options are available for local daily races, as well as for top equestrian events.

Top Horse Racing Betting Action

Australia is home to several of the world’s most anticipated horse races. These international events offer incredible Horse betting action, and opportunities to claim massive payouts.

Among the events that attract huge numbers of punters and large amounts of AUD are the Caulfield Cup, held in October; the Melbourne Cup, held in November; and Crown Oaks Day, held on the Thursday following the Melbourne Cup.

Serious punters pay attention to the results of the Caulfield Cup, as these can influence betting on the Melbourne Cup; likewise, the Melbourne Cup results can influence betting on Crown Oaks Day.

Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

If you’d like to get in on the action of Horse betting and stand a chance to win big, don’t wait a minute longer. Sign up at one of Australia’s top mobile betting sites, and enjoy the thrill of the races at your convenience now.