Mobile Horse Racing Tips

Mobile betting has made it so much easier for Australians to punt on the go. This innovative and ingenious advancement has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few years as more and more wagering opportunities have emerged. With horse racing being one of Australia’s favourite sports it’s not surprising that punters are using mobile betting sites or downloading betting apps to get in their wagers, even when they are on the go.

Horse racing is an incredibly exciting sport and there are a number of local races that Australians are incredibly proud of. The Melbourne Cup, Caulfield Cup, Crown Oaks day and Co Plate are just a few of the big races on the annual calendar, and with mobile betting putters can wager on these and other international events.

Whilst betting on the horses is fun it’s also very much about winning and the odds offered can often result in an extremely large payout. To ensure you get the most out of every mobile horse racing punt we bring you a selection of top horse racing tips that could just mean the difference between breaking even and a big win.

Analysing the Stats

One of the most valuable horse racing tips that every punter must consider is the analysing of statistics. You don’t have to be a pro to do this, you can make use of all the information a betting site offers or you can conduct some of your own research using your mobile. Determining which horses to bet on should always be based on fact and if you have a gut feeling it’s also always good to go with your hunch. For each race you wish to bet on always check out:

The Horse

Obtaining as much information about the horse is essential and knowing how many times it has won or placed whether it’s been on a winning streak or whether it has recently had an injury is all important. Win/loss percentages, trainers and the horse’s background all play a large part in predicting a winner.

The Jockey

As the jockey and the horse are essentially a team and work together you’ll need to know more about the jockeys experience and if possible, the length of time he has been riding a specific horse. A winning horse with a jockey that has a less than stellar track record may not be the best combination, and a great horse racing tip is to always look for stats that are evenly matched.

The Track

Some horses perform better under specific conditions and prefer certain tracks. Knowing the horse you favour prefers a certain track can help you make a decision about how to bet.

Horse Racing Betting Possibilities

Once you have ascertained which horse you’d like to back you’ll need to become familiar with the betting options. For Australian mobile punters the same bets that are available when using your computer to access bookmakers are on offer for mobile, and you can use these horse racing tips to help refine your choice. Some of the more common betting types include:

Win or Place

These bets are straight bets that either select a horse to win or come in second or third place. There are a number of different types of win/place bets and depending on the horse racing tips you’ve used you can select the option that best suits your style.

Exotic Horse Racing Bets

Used to describe quinellas, trifectas, first four, quadrellas and exactas these bets are slightly more complicated, but can be hugely rewarding.

Multi Bets on Horse Racing

Doubles, trebles or parlays along with a number of exciting variants are often available when punters want to wager on a series of races. These can include accumulators too, which can result in mobile punters winning enormous amounts of money if their predictions over a number of races are all correct.

Start Horse Racing Betting

One of the best horse racing tips we can give you is to always trust your gut. Australians may have access to all the information they need at their fingertips, but often a hunch on a long shot can pay off just as much as a carefully planned bet. Use these horse racing tips available here as well as those offered by the top mobile betting sites and bet on the horse that you think will pip the others to the post.