Mobile Greyhound Bets

Our aim is to help you enjoy the best possible Australian mobile betting experiences in every way, which is why we provide you with detailed guidelines on a number of issues in addition to our thorough betting site reviews. With this is mind, we have put some of the most important pointers for greyhound racing together. These beautiful animals are actually the second-fastest mammals on land and have been appropriate companions for many great historical figures, including William the Conqueror and Cleopatra. Watching them race around the track is really quite thrilling, and nothing beats the feeling of watching the hound that you backed come in first. If you would like to know more or improve your skills in this exciting area, read on.

Greyhound Betting Basics

There are many different types of wagers to be made on greyhounds, and the bookmakers that we review here will accommodate visitors at every stage of their punting development. There are two betting systems that are used: the Pool Betting or Parimutuel system, and the Fixed Odds system. The names are quite self-explanatory, and in the first all bets of the same kind are pooled together. Payouts are divided among all successful punts at the end of the race. In the second, odds are fixed at the time you place your wager so you know your potential return from the start. Watching the way that the odds behave in different races is a good way to decide how to bet, and as you become more familiar with them this will become easier. The same can be said for the various types of Greyhound betting possibilities. To begin with, we have listed the most common options below.

  • The Straight and Place bet options are the simplest, and reward you for correctly picking the dog who comes in first or places second respectively. An Each Way punt combines the two, paying out in full if your selection comes first or in part if it comes second or third.
  • In a Perfecta, also known as an Exacta or a Straight Forecast, you must predict the two dogs who will finish first and second, and they must place in the right order. The Quiniela, or Reverse Forecast, is almost exactly the same but the placing order does not matter.
  • Superfecta and Trifecta wagers reward you for predicting the takers of the first four and first three spots respectively.
  • In Head-to-Head bets you must say which of two dogs you believe will finish higher.
  • For Over/Under bets you are required to judge whether the first and second-placed dogs’ winning distance will be over or under the bookmaker’s prediction.
  • In a Winning Trap punt you have to decide whether the winning hound’s number will be odd or even.
  • A Multiple bet allows you to make as many as twelve selections on one ticket. The rewarding payout here is very great, but so is the risk because every pick must win for you to be successful. We recommend that you only try this after you have been punting for some time.
  • Combination bets allow you to bring several wagers together and bet on up to four hounds.
  • In addition to all of these, there are several exotic wagers for more advanced greyhound betting, which change regularly to keep things fresh and exciting.

Best Sites for Greyhound Betting

Greyhound betting is an evergreen favourite in the Australian mobile sports betting arena, and is truly exciting and rewarding. The more time you spend betting here, the more you’ll want to.