Mobile Totes Betting

Every kind of mobile betting in Australia is very enjoyable, and they are all growing more and more popular as the technology improves and people realise just how luxuriously convenient the mobile bookmakers are. The most popular punting arena in Australia has traditionally been horse betting, and this is still true in remote and land-based betting facilities today. There is a wide variety of possible bets available, and some will be more suited to your style, situation and punting level than others. Choosing the right one at the right time is important, which is why it is so important to learn how to select the best mobile totes betting available to you.

What is Totes Betting?

Also called Pool or Pari-Mutuel Bets, totes betting are made up of all the wagers placed on an event’s outcome. Payouts are made to successful bettors from this pool in accordance with the final odds. These odds are determined by the size of the betting pool, meaning that they change up until the last bet is placed which keeps things very exciting. In general a long shot pays out more as most people will shy away from wagering on it. If you can be quite sure of a horse, these long shots can be the best mobile totes betting available to you.

Types of Mobile Totes

The more time you spend on mobile betting, the more savvy you will become at choosing the best mobile totes betting for any situation. To start you off, we have compiled a list of the basic varieties here.

  • Win and Place bets are the simplest wagers possible and involve predicting the horse that will come first, or in second or third place respectively. An Each Way bet combines Win and Place wagers.
  • For Trifecta and Exacta wagers you need to say who will take the first three or first two places in a race.
  • Quadpot bets are inexpensive but can still be very lucrative. You need to pick horses to win or place in the third to sixth spot for four of a fay’s races. The Placepot is another variation of this, where you pick horses in the same way for six races in a day.
  • You are also required to select horses for a certain number of races in Jackpot bets, but for these bets all your selections must place first. This really increases the challenging and risk, but the rewards are also considerably higher. We recommend always placing a small Tote Jackpot eager along with your other bets – smaller amounts carry lower risks but can still yield rewarding payouts.
  • Three is an exotic version of the Jackpot and Placepot bets called a Scoop 6, where you need to name every race’s winner for a given day.
  • The most exotic tote of all is the Swinger. Here you must select two horses to place in somewhere in a race’s top three spots. If both the horses you picked do place, you will win a large payout. The best returns are usually on one-two finishes.

Win with Mobile Totes Betting

The more time you spend wagering, the more you will get to know how you enjoy punting and what the best mobile totes betting are for you. Read our reviews and use our sports betting guides to help you develop your own savvy staking strategies.