Mobile AFL Betting

True Football fans are really passionate about watching, playing and punting on the game, and nowhere is this more true than in Australia. With the revolution that online and mobile betting has brought, you can now bet on Football games that are played all over the world, but many of the most exciting are still the national Australian Football League (AFL) games. There are several different types, at different levels of complexity, so you will find something to enjoy no matter where you are in your punting journey. To learn more about mobile AFL betting, read our guidelines now.

AFL Bets for Anyone

The AFL is busy enough that there are several different AFL bets available at all times at the online Australian betting sites that we review. For novice punters, there are very basic AFL bets where you simply put money down on which team you believe will win. Each team has its own odds so there is often a Pointspread to be exceeded before you can be paid out. A slightly more complex bet that is still quite simple, and is often the next wager that people try, is to wager on a specific player scoring a certain amount of points or exceeding their personal defensive or running statistics.

As you progress along your AFL betting journey, you may want to explore the many exciting exotic multiple AFL bets that are available at certain times of the year. At these times there is enough action for sites to offer bracket AFL bets, meaning you can predict the winners of individual game titles as well as the victors of the overall tournaments. You are also able to make other long-term bet including which team will be on top of the points ladder at the end of the season.

Finally, for something really exciting and different, some of the mobile Australian bookmakers featured on our site also allow you to create a fantasy team of your favourite players. If your dream team is found to be the best you win a very generous prize, so this is one fantasy that should be taken seriously.

NFL Betting Teams

As with any kind of mobile sports betting, we recommend that you gather as much information as possible before putting any money down on an AFL game. You need to consider all the facts and then also listen to your own instincts, and the more you punt and do research on your mobile the more you will be able to cannily combine the two. Although we certainly encourage listening to your intuition, we discourage emotional AFL betting just as strongly. For fans with strong affection for a specific team this can be very challenging, but it is best to put the opinions of sport reporters, statistics and bookmaker odds before your own emotions when you are making AFL betting decisions.

Mobile AFL Betting Sites

Mobile AFL betting can be very lucrative, and the more you punt the more astute you will become. The variability in the game keeps things exciting and demands canny decisions at all times. You really will get out what you put in, so visit mobile betting sites regularly and keep exercising your punting muscles.